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Lobna Ajaini's profound dedication to early childhood education, combined with her expertise, awards, and unwavering commitment to empowering educators and families, make her an exceptional workshop facilitator and a true inspiration in the field. Through her workshops, she continues to create transformative experiences, nurturing the growth and development of both educators and the young minds they serve. Lobna's unwavering passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, coupled with her dedication to creativity and innovation, ensures that the future of early childhood education is in capable hands.

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"In July 2022 Lobna took my workshop on creating and facilitating workshops. Lobna was one of the only participants who took the opportunity to have a consultation with me. From the moment I spoke to Lobna, I just knew she was passionate about ECE and teaching. I hired Lobna for both ECE workshops "microaggression in the ECE Workplace" and "Understanding the Forest School Approach." I sat in on both workshops and I was impressed by Lobna's professionalism, and presentation skills. I highly recommend Lobna as an ECE workshop facilitator."  

- Ana Valle Rivera, Founder of Early Years Thriving
Mission Community Services Society
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Leading Inspired Learning
Lobna, a big, huge thank you to you, your lovely assistant (daughter) Farah, and the whole Strive team for organizing and presenting this absolutely fantastic informative, inspiring and engaging event that not only will I be implementing in my practice, but will also be sharing with my leadership in technology class at Fanshawe College.
I appreciate all your hard work in bringing STEM education to us in this exciting workshop! So glad I attended. Special thanks to Bre at Strive as well. Bre is delightful!

Well done,

Danielle Norris, Workshop participant

I truly enjoyed this presentation. Not many presentations on this topic helped me link theory to practice like this one. I like how it focuses on self-reflective practice. I appreciate how the presenter represents diversity that reflects on children's development and is family-centered. I also like how the presenter clearly explains how to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the four foundations of HDLH. Very educational and practical. Thank you.

- Vera, Workshop participant


It was great how you identified and explained each of these meaningful words (DEI) that we have to have and understand in our practice as educators working in such diverse environments! My favourite part is "How do we promote empathy in the classroom?" This workshop is well-prepared and represented! Thank you Lobna!

- Noor Alahdab, Workshop participant


Really enjoyed this presentation I really appreciated that the presenter took time on each slide and gave examples so the audience could get a proper understanding! Kindness vs niceness was my favourite part. Well articulated and deliberated! Thank you!

- Hiba Khan, Workshop participant