By Lobna Ajaini


  • Understanding racial/cultural Microaggressions in the ECE workplace

    Join us for an insightful workshop that sheds light on microaggressions within the Early Childhood Education (ECE) workplace. Educators will explore rational/cultural microaggressions through real-life scenarios and case studies, prompting reflective discussions. This workshop equips participants with strategies and self-assessment tools to effectively address microaggressions, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment in ECE workplaces.


    Learning Outcomes:

    Microaggressions Awareness: Recognize and address cultural and racial microaggressions.

    Reflective Discussions: Engage in meaningful conversations about real-life microaggression experiences.

    Inclusive Environments: Develop strategies to create supportive, inclusive ECE workplaces.

    Effective Responses: Acquire skills to confidently respond to microaggressions.


    Lobna's Message:

    "Empower educators to navigate microaggressions and cultivate inclusive ECE spaces. Let's foster environments where healthy relationships thrive."

  • Understanding and Implementing DEI in the ECE Classroom

    Embark on a transformative journey in this workshop, as educators delve into comprehending and applying diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles within the early childhood education (ECE) setting. Through practical strategies and real-life scenarios, participants will cultivate an environment that fosters healthy relationships, counters personal biases, implements anti-racist approaches, and utilizes daily DEI action plans and resources.


    Learning Outcomes:

    1.    Create an Anti-Bias Environment: Develop skills to cultivate an environment that celebrates diversity and counteracts biases.

    2.    Overcome Personal Biases: Acquire strategies to navigate personal biases, fostering healthier relationships within the classroom.

    3.    Implement Anti-Racism Approach: Gain insights into incorporating anti-racist principles into educational practices.

    4.    Utilize Daily DEI Action Plan and Resources: Learn to integrate a daily action plan and available resources to enhance DEI initiatives.


    Lobna's Message: "Join me to forge a classroom where every voice thrives. Let's empower both children and educators for a more inclusive tomorrow."

  • Understanding and Implementing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) in the ECE workplace

    In this workshop, educators will learn various strategies to create a workplace that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive  and foster a comprehensive DEI approach that involves everyone in the organization. In this workshop, educators will also think about different examples of biases and their impacts in the ECE workplace based on  real-life experiences and scenarios that would lead to a discussion and reflection. This workshop can be helpful for educators as it will support them with different strategies, steps to promote DEI and self-test to address bias in the workplace. The facilitator is located in ON, Canada.

  • Creating an Eco-Friendlier Environment in the Early Years

    In this workshop, educators will learn about strategies to foster environmentally sustainable work practices in the early years as an action for climate change in Canada and around the world. Educators will also the ways to become eco-friendly educators through Green Curriculum Integration and community collaboration. This workshop can be helpful for educators as it will support them with unique ideas to implement an eco-friendly practice and nature-based approach in the early years. Hands-on activities will be explored in this workshop based on an environmental community project that was led by the facilitator. In this engaging and practical workshop, we will explore strategies and techniques to create an eco-friendlier environment in early years settings. Designed for educators, administrators, and caregivers working with young children, this workshop aims to inspire and empower participants to make a positive impact on the environment while nurturing young minds.


  • Creativity and Innovation using STEM in the Early years

    In this workshop, educators will be introduced to STEM education and itsprofound benefits and impact on children's development. Educators will also explore innovative ways to implement STEM approach using creativity in the early years. This workshop can be helpful for educators as the facilitator uses her previous educational background as an engineer and current knowledge as an early childhood leader to support them with real-life examples, activities and discussion to embrace STEM. The facilitator is located in ON, Canada.

  • Exploring STEM Wonders: The Hands-On Adventure Workshop

    Embark on an enriching journey with Lobna Ajaini, a proficient mechanical engineer turned MPED Student, HBECL, and RECE professional. Join us for an immersive 2-3 hour in-person workshop that taps into Lobna's engineering expertise. Delve into "Hands-On Experiments and Exploration" to elevate your STEM teaching. Learn seamless integration of experiments, critical discussions, and hands-on techniques. The facilitator is located in ON, Canada.

    Educators will learn to:

    - Craft captivating hands-on STEM experiences.

    - Safely incorporate experiments into their curriculum.

    - Foster discussions that nurture critical thinking and innovation.

    "Elevate teaching with impactful hands-on STEM. Combining my engineering background with education, let's transform STEM into an adventure of curiosity and innovation!"

    — Lobna Ajaini

  • Understanding and implementing the Forest School approach in the early years

    In this workshop, educators will learn about strategies to implement and develop the knowledge of forest schools’ approach within the early learning setting. This workshop is based on award-winning research from Sheridan College, conducted by the facilitator about Forest School philosophy. In this workshop, educators will also think about different factors impacting ECE’s professional practice in implementing the forest school approach. This workshop can be helpful for educators as it will support them with knowledge about the benefits of embracing a Nature-based perspective through real-life examples and discussion. The facilitator is located in ON, Canada.

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