By Lobna Ajaini

Lobna Ajaini is a distinguished ECE leader, ECE College instructor and workshop facilitator in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE). With an unwavering passion for ECE, Lobna has become a transformative force, inspiring and empowering educators and families alike. Her extensive knowledge, commitment to lifelong learning, and dedication to the growth of others have established her as an exemplary figure in the field.

Despite a successful career as an engineering university instructor, she made the bold decision to switch paths and immerse herself in the world of early childhood education. This pivotal moment ignited her purpose and set her on a path to create meaningful change within the ECE community. One of Lobna's key driving forces in ECE is her commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She firmly believes in creating inclusive learning environments that celebrate the unique identities and experiences of every child.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Lobna's expertise, charisma, and genuine passion for ECE shine through. Her workshops offer a transformative experience for educators, providing them with practical tools, innovative strategies, and a deeper understanding of best practices in early childhood education. Through engaging activities, thought-provoking discussions, and real-life examples, Lobna empowers educators to create enriching learning environments that spark curiosity, creativity, and lifelong learning.

Her workshops not only provide educators with practical strategies but also empower them to create meaningful and lifelong impacts on the lives of young children.

Featured in Global Hoinser Book as one of the top 100 Global Leaders (2024)
Nominated in The Above and Beyond Program for excellence in teaching skills - Mohawk MMC College (2024)
Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Research Award (2022)
Sheridan College

Sylvia Leal Leadership Award (2019)

Davis Campus Commemorative Award. (2016)
Sheridan College 

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MPED Master’s student
Western University
Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Sheridan College 

Bachelor of Mechanical 
Aleppo University

Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Sheridan College 

Teaching and Training Adults Certificate
Durham College